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How to Choose the Right Lightering Company

Lightering, or lighterage, is the process of transferring a cargo from one vessel to another. This is useful in many shipping situations such as for instance the moving of a cargo from vessel that is not allowed to enter a port facility due to being overloaded and transferring the cargo to a different vessel for the possible and successful transport of the cargo to its intended destination. There are many lightering services available and if you need such service, it is important to use the necessary pointers while making a choice. Consider and use the pointers below on choosing a lightering team.

Pointers in Choosing a Lightering Company

1. Skills of the Team

One essential aspect to take into account is the skill of the lightering team. For the team for be a reliable provider of such a transshipping service, they should have handled the job with many other clients before. Exposure to the job can equate to expertise in all of its ins and outs. Experience in dealing with various lightering needs and requirements can mean expertise in the job as well. It is recommended to get in touch with shipping firms as they always know of lightering services that you can potentially opt. Do not miss to check their background and experience in the field for further guidance.

2. Referrals

The second element to note when choosing the best and the right lightering team is referral. Referrals are recommendations and suggestions of a potential lightering team given by individuals and companies who have had an experience with lightering teams. Other than shipping companies, you can request for a referral from business colleagues who have worked out a ship to ship transfer of cargo in the past. Any other individual whom you know and who has used the service will be a good party to request a referral from. In the process of asking a referral, it is important to determine whether the company being referred is a good one. Try to get to know their characteristics and previous performance ratings by asking the right questions from the referral source.

3. Service Cost

In the course of selecting a lightering team, another critical factor to take into account is the cost of the service. Generally speaking, lightering service is an expensive service to spend in. But with the right company on your side, you can be relieved knowing that the quality of services rendered to you is worth the price that you pay. To be guided on comparing lightering team service rates, it is important to first have knowledge of the average of standard prices of lightering services in your state.

A lightering service is important when shipping a cargo from ship to ship. If such a service is material to your shipping transaction, then it is vital to pick the right lightering service team. Make use of the list of pointers provided in the paragraphs above in order to be guided in selecting which lightering team to pick and hire.

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