Bar exam score shows AI can keep up with ‘human lawyers,’ researchers say

Artificial intelligence can now outperform most law school graduates on the bar exam, the grueling two-day test aspiring attorneys must pass to practice law in the ulasan film United States, according to a new study released Wednesday.
GPT-4, the upgraded AI model released this week by Microsoft-backed OpenAI, scored 297 on the bar exam in an experiment conducted by two law professors and two employees of legal technology company Casetext.
That places GPT-4 in the 90th percentile of actual test takers and is enough to be admitted to practice law in most states, the researchers found.
The bar exam assesses knowledge and reasoning and includes essays and performance tests meant to simulate legal work, as well as multiple choice questions.
“Large language models can meet the standard applied to human lawyers in nearly all jurisdictions in the United States by tackling complex tasks requiring deep legal knowledge, reading comprehension, and writing ability,” the authors wrote.
Less than four months ago, two of the same researchers concluded that OpenAI’s earlier large language model, ChatGPT, fell short of a passing score on the bar exam, highlighting how rapidly the technology is improving.
The newer GPT-4 got nearly 76% of the bar exam’s multiple-choice questions right, up from about 50% for ChatGPT, outperforming the average human test-taker by more than 7%.

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